Summit Bicycles is the leading bicycle retailer in Silicon Valley.

They recently opened a fifth store in Palo Alto, joining their four other locations in San Jose, Santa Clara, Burlingame and Los Gatos. We needed a strategy that would be able to highlight the opening of the new store whilst at the same time rebrand the existing locations and then be able to fit together seamlessly post launch.

To do this we created an identity for each store using the visual metaphor of the Periodic Table of Elements. Each location was given two letters and number. The letters indicating the location and the "periodic" number based on the street address.


The water bottle or bidon in France is a ubiquitous symbol of cycling, so to promote the store opening we created an ad for the 101 billboard near Ikea. The back of the store was painted with a complimentary mural, and the shop van was given a new wrap.

Employees at all 5 stores were given store specific t-shirts and hats.


The annual "Everything's on Sale Sale" is an important revenue generator. Being able to deliver the catalog as an interactive PDF to their email subscriber list resulted in a 15% bump in revenue.

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