With no brand guidelines or style guide to provide clear direction Seneca's outward facing marketing communications material was chaotic and inconsistent. After years of cut and paste even the logo was no longer original or even accurate. The initial request for a professional Annual Report quickly expanded into a style guide and a full suite of consistently branded collateral. But first about that damaged logo...

The kerning of the type in the logo was inconsistent and the the 4 quadrants were different in both size and shape which meant that the logo was no longer a professional representation of the agency. The first task was to rectify these problems.

The 4 quadrants were not only different in size but also inconsistent in their shape .


With the typography corrected and the shapes of the quadrants adjusted I could establish and standardize color values for the the entire logo. The “quadrants” of the logo each represent one of the 4 programs the agency provides to the kids and families they serve.

Blue stands for Permanence.
Red represents Education.
Yellow symbolizes Innovation.
And green stands for Mental Health.    


This along with a recommendation for fonts was all incorporated into a style guide.      


Along with the traditional elements of the style guide I also provided guidance on how to bring their marketing collateral to life by showing how to take advantage of the 4 logo components.


Seneca's Annual Report is a tribute to the families, staff and donors who represent the highest ideals of Unconditional Care that the agency represents and the inspiration for the new Paramount hit movie, Instant Family.       


One of the agencies most important pieces of collateral are posters that aim to focus the publics' attention on Foster Awareness Month. These posters continue with the theme from the Annual of honest and sincere portraits of kids by Christian Peacock. I used the concept of the ubiquitous "mixer nametag" as a way to humanize the scale of the problem that the agency is working with.    

© 2018 Tim Sawyer